Often in life we face decisions that are hard to make. Decisions that others simply do not understand because they are not you and have not fully lived your life. They may have lived through their own bad situations, yet it is not your situation. Only The Lord God Jehovah fully knows and understand you and your heart at any given time. Over the past two years I have had to make decisions I never wanted to have to make and other decisions I was glad to make! Often when we have faced extreme heartache, we need a complete change in our life to be able to heal and move on to a place where the Lord can use us. This does not mean the Lord has not forgiven us, or we have not forgiven those who brought us heartache, it simply means we need to be away from anything that reminds us of the things that gave us the deep scars we now carry. Scars do not define who God made us to be, but we do need time for the Lord to heal those scars and give us enough peace to be able to function as the Lord intends for us too.

For example, in the bible there is Paul. We know from God’s Word he was against Christ and his followers, persecuted them and did horrible things to them. When Jesus showed him the light on the road to Damascus, and later called him into his ministry; he accepted the Lord’s call, but he also went away for 3 years (Galatians 1:15-20). Through God’s written word we know, Paul was taught by the Holy Spirit, during those years. But I as a person who loves the Lord and who has had to deal with my own mistakes feel he also needed time to heal from all the emotional baggage he had to have been carrying around from those years he had been out of God’s will for his life. We all have baggage and Paul, even though he was a mighty disciple of Christ, was only a flesh and blood person the same as we are.

You may be wondering why I am writing this to you at this time. The reason is, I have faced things in my life that hurt me and others deeply and I have felt for a while now the Lord wants to use my testimony to help others who may be facing some of the same things I have faced; some of which happened many years ago and some more recently. To the past I will say, “Sin never brings happiness only heartache and depression.” Sometimes it takes a long time, possibly years, to realize this. Even when we are in sin the Lord never leaves us completely, especially if we are calling out to Him on a regular basis. He loves us and if there is breathe within us, He will never stop trying to bring us back where we need to be.

I love the Lord so much and I love people, which is why I have my Accepted by His Amazing Grace Facebook site and blog. I want to help others and I also want to heal over time as the Lord sees fit, not as man sees fit. So, to you I say, “If you have been hurt, I encourage you to take the time you need to allow the Lord to do His healing in His time as only He can.” You, only you, and the Lord know when that healing is complete. So, trust the Lord, walk with Him, talk with Him daily, pray for those who hurt you. And especially, do not be afraid to pray for yourself. Eventually the Lord will bring the healing you so desperately need.

Love In Christ,

Isaiah 26:3 & 9
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.
With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early:

As I stand and look out across the green grass of my backyard to the garden in the distance, my mind travels back in time to when I was a child who came with my mother to visit my uncle who lived on this same land I now call home. In my mind I can still see the shady lane that led to this quiet place in the middle of the woods, and the split rail fence that surrounded the yard and garden. As I stare at the lengthening shadows on the grass made by the towering trees from across the lane, I can still feel those same emotions I felt as a child; feelings of peace and contentment only a child feels when they are surrounded by those who love and protect them.

I am no longer that young child now, my body is aging but my spirit is still young just as I was all those summers ago. As I stand here in this quiet place the cooing of doves can still be heard in the wooded hollow past my home; their peaceful sound always remind me of my childhood years; and of the peace and love our Lord, Jesus Christ, so freely gives me when I let go of this world and come into complete communion with Him.

When I come into communion with the Lord, I feel His peaceful presence surrounding me and I can only imagine how my body will feel when it is set free from the curse of aging and death to be forever transformed by Christ into that new and glorious body He promised to those who love and follow Him. Yes, in His presence I find peace and for that I am so forever thankful.

I encourage you, my friends, to slip away each day to a quiet peaceful place and allow the Lord to fill you with His peace and contentment. I promise you there is nothing in this world that will ever compare to it.

II Corinthians 3:17
Now the Lord is that spirit: and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Over the past few days this verse has played repeatedly in my mind as we celebrate the birth of our nation and our freedom here. But this freedom we are celebrating today is not eternal.

On the other hand, the Lord, our savior Jesus Christ, gives us a freedom that is eternal. He gives us freedom from our mistakes, discouragements, disappointments, failures and especially from our sins. When we accept the Lord into our heart, He comes to live within us; we are His dwelling place.

Those who think only on the things of this world dwell in the bondage of sin and darkness; but we who are the Lord’s children has the His spirit dwelling within us, giving us hope and peace. Even though we live in this world we are not of this world. Just as the verse above says; the Lord is that Spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty (freedom). If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, you are living in His glorious freedom. Though the world be in the bondage of sin we, His children, are free. Free to enjoy all the glorious blessings that comes from being in His child.

If you have not accepted the Lord as your Savior; I encourage you to do so today, then you also can start living in all the peace and blessings that only comes from being His child.

God Bless You All Today and Always,

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